Kinda good if you’ve got no actual friends to hang out with.

So kinda bad.


Animation about phone use.

GTA (2) Live

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With a drone – of course.

Interesting what Gondry does without the budgets he had 10/15 years ago.


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Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 10.55.03 am

Fabulous game if you’ve got a few minutes to spare.



As you’ve know for years the way people consume what advertising people make has radically changed. And it keeps changing. People consume stuff in loads of different and ever evolving ways and places – and that means the companies that create advertising type things need to adapt. That’s not (as many advertising people think) the fault of agencies, or new media people, or bloggers, or planners – it’s just how it is.

Culture isn’t, and has never been, beholden to advertising.

Advertising agencies, and I mostly mean he larger variety, haven’t ever really changed. They still generally run a variation of the same process and systems they’ve been running for the last 50 million years. They have departments and heads of departments and executive people who report to other people and have meetings about meetings.

It’s great if you like that kind of thing and you think all that time, that energy and those people really make the thing we do massively better.

I don’t.

And I don’t think I’m alone.

ContentCorp® (see what I did there) is for people and companies that live in that rapidly changing world and don’t think that the current system is the best use of their time and/or money.

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